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Raffle Ticket: Camping Kit (REI Gift Certificate)

REI Gift Certificate - $500 Value

With a $500 budget at REI, you can assemble a comprehensive camping kit. Prioritize essentials like a tent ($100-$300), sleeping bag ($50-$200), and sleeping pad ($20-$150) for comfort and shelter. Invest in a camp stove ($20-$150) and cookware set ($30-$100) for meals, and ensure visibility with a headlamp or lantern ($20-$100). Allocate funds for a water filtration system ($20-$100) and consider a backpack ($100-$300) if backpacking. Budget around $50 for miscellaneous items like a first aid kit and insect repellent. Adjust choices based on personal preferences and camping needs.


Use the quantity field to enter the number of raffle tickets you wish to purchase toward this item. (Each ticket is $10)


To purchase tickets under different names, add tickets under the first name to your cart and then repeat under the second name and add to cart. Then check out to purchase all items all at once.

Raffle Ticket: Camping Kit (REI Gift Certificate)

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