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8"x8" Science Patio Brick and 3"x3" display brick $4000 - 5900

Please join us in supporting this year's Spring Fundraiser by sponsoring a personalized brick (or bricks!) for the new Science Patio! This $4000 donation supports EAGLE and provide an 8" x 8" brick expertly installed in the new Science Patio AND a matching 3" x 3" desktop display mini brick! Use the drop down to select a brick and any additional donation you prefer. 


Purchase your personalized brick at a discount now through Thursday, March 23rd. Bricks will be available to order throughout the campaign. If we sell at least 50 bricks before spring break, Mr. Yann & Mr. Luke will dye their hair blue during recess on Friday, March 24th! Awesomeness!


Please enter 5 lines of 20 characters separated by only a comma for etching into the brick. Also, enter your student's Name and Unit for entering into the school-wide competition. If more than one unique brick is desired, please add to cart then start over. Thank you very much!


An automated receipt will be emailed for your tax records as EAGLE School is a 501(c)(3) entity.


8"x8" Science Patio Brick and 3"x3" display brick $4000 - 5900

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